Thursday, March 27, 2014

Online Scientific Calculator

eCalc - Online Scientific Calculator with integrated Unit
Converter from our friends at EEWeb.

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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Samsung HPS4253 no power, PSPF391A01A / BN96-03252A power supply repair

Repair service for Samsung PSPF391A01A / BN96-03252A power supply which is used in the following Samsung Models,

     HPR4272X/XAA, HPS4233X/XAA, HPS4233X/XAC SD03, HPS4233X/XAC SG04, HPS4233X/XAC SD01, HPS4233X/XAC SG02, HPS4253X/XAA, HPS4253X/XAC SD01, HPS4253X/XAC 0001, HPS4253X/XAC SD03, HPS4253X/XAC SG02, HPS4253X/XAC SG04, HPS4273X/XAA and SPS4243X/XAA

Typical failure symptoms that indicate power supply failure: No power. Totally dead, no standby LED and does not respond to buttons being pressed. TV shuts down immediately after being turned on. TV makes a clicking sound.

PSPF391A01A / BN96-03252A power supply Professional Repair: If you are interested in having a PSPF391A01A / BN96-03252A power supply or any other power supply repaired professionally then you may be interested in our mail in repair servicesWe can do the repair on PSPF391A01A / BN96-03252A power supplies for $50 plus the cost of return shipping and handling. Click here to see our mail in repair service page.

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