Friday, August 16, 2013

The Art of Electronics

This is a classic and one of my favorite books. Although dated it is packed with relevant information and is a great reference. 

the thoroughly revised and updated second edition of the hugely successful The Art of Electronics. Widely accepted as the authoritative text and reference on electronic circuit design, both analog and digital, this book revolutionized the teaching of electronics by emphasizing the methods actually used by circuit designers -- a combination of some basic laws, rules of thumb, and a large bag of tricks. The result is a largely nonmathematical treatment that encourages circuit intuition, brainstorming, and simplified calculations of circuit values and performance. The new Art of Electronics retains the feeling of informality and easy access that helped make the first edition so successful and popular. It is an ideal first textbook on electronics for scientists and engineers and an indispensable reference for anyone, professional or amateur, who works with electronic circuits.

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Power Over Ethernet Interoperability Guide

A Complete Guide to Transmitting Electrical Power and Data over Ethernet Cables

Power over Ethernet Interoperability explains how to safely transmit DC power over an existing data network cabling structure so that separate AC electrical wiring is not needed to power up devices connected to the network. With a focus on cost-effective unshielded twisted pair (UTP) cables, this book provides proven methods for designing reliable Power over Ethernet (PoE) equipment and ensuring that it functions effectively. Details on the IEEE 802.3af/at standards and how various devices can operate from PoE are also contained in this practical resource.

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Newnes Power Electronics Ultimate CD

Most engineers rely on a small core of books that are specifically targeted to their job responsibilities. These dog-eared volumes are used daily and considered essential. But budgets and space commonly limit just how many books can be added to your core library. 

The Newnes Power Electronics Ultimate CD solves this problem. It contains four of our best-selling titles, providing the "next level" of reference you will need for a fraction of the price of the hard-copy books purchased separately. The CD contains the complete PDF versions of the following Newnes titles: 

. Switching Power Supplies A to Z (Maniktala) 0750679700 
. Demystifying Switching Power Supplies (Mack) 0750674458 
. Power Suppy Cookbook, 2nd Edition (Brown)075067329X 
. Power Electronics Design (Sueker) 

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Troubleshooting Switching Power Converters: A Hands-on Guide

Power Supply design is all about detail. And a large part of that detail lies in the practical domain, largely because of the typically small number of microseconds of switching periods involved, and the even smaller tens of nanoseconds of switch transition times --- all these, in effect accentuating various "second-order" effects, that eventually end up playing prime havoc with "normal" expectations of how the circuit should behave. So not unsurprisingly, even after reading several books, most readers still find themselves no closer to the ultimate goal of designing an actual power supply. 

Sooner or later, all engineers start realizing the hard fact that designing a switching power supply isn't the trivial task it once seemed to be. But even after years of successfully mastering the underlying theory, the ultimate goal of creating a cost-effective, reliable and commercially viable power supply may still remain a distant dream, since success ultimately hinges on experience. That is, in fact, what clearly differentiates a senior and seasoned power supply engineer from the others --- the ability to navigate and surmount a veritable minefield of tricky issues that can only be learned the hard way, by actual hands-on experience on the job. 

Switch-Mode Power Supplies Spice Simulations and Practical Designs

This is one I have seen many very good reviews about, but have not read yet. I plan on reading it sometime this year and would love to see some comments from anyone who has read this book.

Harness Powerful SPICE Simulation and Design Tools to Develop Cutting-Edge Switch-Mode Power Supplies
Switch-Mode Power Supplies: SPICE Simulations and Practical Designs is a comprehensive resource on using SPICE as a power conversion design companion. This book uniquely bridges analysis and market reality to teach the development and marketing of state-of-the art switching converters. Invaluable to both the graduating student and the experienced design engineer, this guide explains how to derive founding equations of the most popular converters…design safe, reliable converters through numerous practical examples…and utilize SPICE simulations to virtually breadboard a converter on the PC before using the soldering iron.
Filled with more than 600 illustrations, Switch-Mode Power Supplies: SPICE Simulations and Practical Designs enables you to:
  • Derive founding equations of popular converters
  • Understand and implement loop control via the book-exclusive small-signal models
  • Design safe, reliable converters through practical examples
  • Use SPICE simulations to virtually breadboard a converter on the PC
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Jiayang Electronics Core New-tech Co.,LTD

Jiayang Electronics Core New-tech Co.,LTD is a custom  transformer  ,toroid and inductor/choke manufacturer successfully doing business since 2002. Jiayang Electronics Core New-tech Co.,LTD has 2 main branches covering an area of 25,000 sq ft together with 1000  employees.

The R&D team is led by a team of  experienced professors and engineers together having more than 15 years experience. This team is dedicated to continually developing  new products and providing customers with quality.

Transformers are made in China at the ISO9001:2008 registered plant , most of them to UL standards. Main supplier for Gree and Midea for more than 5 years.

OEM orders are welcome,and free samples will be provided promptly upon request . 

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You can also contact Sales Manager Lucy Yang directly via email

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Switching Power Supply Design and Optimization, Second Edition

Coming soon, a new edition of  "Switching Power Supply Design and Optimization" from one of my favorite authors, Sanjaya Maniktala. I am  very excited to read this myself and cannot wait to get a copy. More info below.

By: Sanjaya Maniktala

This fully revised, comprehensive guide to switching power supply and design contains new information relevant to solar power applications
Switching Power Supply Design and Optimization, Second Edition covers the design and optimization of electronic power supplies that incorporates switching regulators to effect the efficient conversion of electrical power. The book has been updated and expanded to include discussions of the latest advances in the field as well as increased breadth and depth of topics previously covered.
New to this Edition:
  • Discussion of modern synchronous DC-DC converters
  • Coverage of applications in solar power
  • Detailed information on interleaving and multi-phase operation
  • More derivations and solved examples
  • Chapters renamed and reorganized for easier use

About the Author 
Sanjaya Maniktala is Technical Director, PoE, at Broadcom--a revenue networking semiconductor company. He has held lead engineering and managerial positions in India, Singapore, and Germany as well as in the U.S. Maniktala is the author of Switching Power Supply Design & Optimization.

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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Switching Power Supply Design Videos

Dr. Ray Ridley of Ridley Engineering has started uploading some videos on switching power converter design to the Ridley TV channel on youtube. Below is Switching Power Supply Primer Part 1,

Click here to visit the Ridley TV Channel and view more videos from Dr. Ray Ridley.

I also recommend visiting and registering to gain access to the design center where you will find a good amount of wonderful articles on switching converter design and theory and also some free software. Click here to visit the design center.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

LCD Monitor Repair Online Course and Certificate

We are excited to announce that the highly recognized LCD Monitor Repair Certification from Noahtech Electronics Training is now available online.

The LCD Monitor Repair Certification is an excellent way for you to prove your proficiency in electronics repair to employers or potential customers.

Upon passing the 25 question online test a high quality hard copy certificate will be shipped to you from Noahtech within 1-2 weeks. Delivery may take 3-4 weeks depending on your country of residence.

The details of your test score will also be posted on the graduates page of for easy verification of certification and test score.

The cost of this excellent certification is only $69.00

The following study material is required to study for the test and easily attain a high score.

LCD Monitor Repair by Jestine Yong. Click here for more information.

Testing Electronics Components by Jestine Yong. Click here for more information.

The LCD Monitor Repair Online Certification test was developed by Jestine Yong and William Hor Co-founders of Noahtech.

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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Power Supply Repair Guide

Troubleshooting and Repairing Switch Mode Power Supplies is a great guide for technicians who are interested in learning more about switching power converters also known as SMPS(Switch Mode Power Supplies), common SMPS failures and how to troubleshoot and repair them. This 271 page guide was written by Jestine Yong.

This book is written in a way that is very easy to understand for beginners but also has plenty of repair tips and information that will be appreciated by experienced technicians as well. Click here to get more information about this ebook on repairing SMPS.

LCD Monitor Repair Guide

This amazing guide written by Jesting Yong is a definite must have for anyone interested in LCD monitor repair.

This book is written in a way that is very easy to understand for beginners but also has plenty of repair tips and information that will be appreciated by experienced technicians as well. Click here to get more information about this ebook on repairing LCD monitors.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Jingyan MESR-100 ESR/low ohm meter review

I recently purchased a new ESR meter from a seller on E-bay called mib_instruments, their ebay store can be seen by clicking here and their website is, where you read more about the company and see more of the test equipment they offer.

The  meter I purchased from this company was the Jingyan MESR-100 ESR/low ohm meter. The total cost was $59.99 including shipping. It took 12 days total for the unit to be delivered to me in the USA after being shipped from China, really quick I thought. The unit was shipped and I received tracking within 48 hours of purchase. The meter was very nicely packaged as you can see in the photos below.

This unit is really well made and is the best ESR meter I have seen in this price range. It has features I like from the other ESR meters together in one unit, toggle on off switch, banana jacks, battery compartment and a nice back lit LCD.

Click here to see the full specifications and features on MIB instruments website. 

 I will be using this meter daily to see how it holds up on the bench and out in the field with daily use and I will post an update in the next few months. Over all I really like this ESR meter so far and I would definitely recommend it. 

Please email any questions to and also remember to vistit

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LCD TV Repair Guide click here for more information on this 195 page ebook.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

LCD Monitor Repair Case Histories Volume 2

"10 True Repair Case Histories of LCD Monitors Volume 2" is the latest repair guide from Jestine Yong. As usual Jestine does a wonderful job of walking the reader through common faults with LCD monitors, familiarizing you with common circuits and components while guiding you to a successful repair. From the case histories presented in this book you will easily acquire the necessary knowledge to repair common faults in many different brands of LCD monitors.

Included in this guide:

1. No Display in Acer AL1717A LCD Monitor

2.  No Power and Power Blink in Benq 19” G900WD LCD Monitor

3.  Display Shutdown In Few Seconds In Samsung 740N 17” LCD Monitor (Backlight Modification Tip)

4.  No Power in BenQ G900WD 19” LCD Monitor

5. Display Shutdown in Few Seconds in Samsung 22” 2233SW LCD Monitor

6.  No Power in E177FPb 17” LCD Monitor

7. No Power in HP 19" HP L1908W LCD Monitor

8.  Dim Display and Intermittent Can’t Power On In Samsung 732N 17” LCD Monitor

9.  Display Shutdown After Few Seconds in Samsung 19” LCD Monitor 931BW (Another different backlight modification tip)

10.  Reddish Colour in Samsung 943NWX Soft Touch Control 19” LCD Monitor

To read more about this new guide "10 True Repair Case Histories of LCD Monitors Volume 2" click here.

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Friday, January 25, 2013

LCD TV Repair Tips V2.0

A Collection of LCD Television Repair Tips V2.0 is the title for the latest repair guide from Kent Liew.
This e-book contains information on the following types of failures:

No Power, Dead 
No Display with blue or green color LED light lit
No Display but Back light working and sound OK 
No Display on TV mode but working on AV mode
No Display with red or orange color LED light flashing
No Start up or Slow start-up, Stuck in Standby Mode 
Display Shutdown after a while
Display Distortion
Double Images on screen
Negative Picture on Screen 
Solarisation Image 
Hum, Buzz or Hissing Noise inside the LCD TV 
Sound / Audio Problem 
Erratic Functions or Intermittent Problem 
Display Darkness, Backlight Failure or Inverter Problem 
Display Colour Problem 
Horizontal or Vertical Lines & Bars in the screen 
Login Service Mode 
Solve LCD TV Under Protection Mode
EEPROM dumps corrupt symtoms, Firmware Issues

Product Details:
E-book Format: PDF file
Pages: 67 pages + 38 pages (Bonuses)
Language: English
Bonus: Included Email Support & 3 Bonuses of LCD TV Repair Case Histories!
Compatible with: PC, Laptop & MAC Computer

Price: $13.95 USD

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