Sunday, July 24, 2011

Viewsonic VG1930WM no power, repaired

I just finished repairing a Viewsonic VG1930WM that had no power, no standby LED, completely dead. I opened up the monitor and checked the output voltages from the power supply and both were present and stable. I verified that the 5V was still present at the main board. Next I checked the output from the 3.3V and 1.8V linear voltage regulator ICs on the main board and the 3.3V regulator's output was considerably low around 2.2V, the output from the 1.8V regulator was also very low but it gets its input from the 3.3V regulator so it makes sense that the 1.8V regulators voltage was low. I replaced the 3.3V regulator after verifying it was faulty and the monitor was still dead when I plugged it in to check voltages again, the 3.3V regulator's output was now within tolerance so I again checked the output from the 1.8V regulator and it was still low about 1.2V, so I then replaced the 1.8V regulator and when I plugged the monitor in to check the output from the 1.8V regulator I saw the standby light turn on, the voltage output from the 1.8V regulator was now within tolerance and the monitor turned on and functioned flawlessly.

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  1. Wow I am having the same problem but I do not know a thing about this. Can you email me for some help?

  2. Hello Harley what is your email address? Or you can just email me

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