Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The BLUE ESR Meter

Preher-Tech is now selling the BLUE ESR Meter fully assembled by us and in kit form as well.

Click here to visit our sales page and get more info.

Sharp Aquos LC32D43U no power

Here is an article from this month's newsletter about a repair we did on a Sharp Aquos LC32D43U that had no power or standby light, totally dead. Click here to download the article "Sharp Aquos LC32D43U No Power"

Professional Repair:
If you are interested in having this board repaired professionally then you may be interested in our mail in repair services. We can do the repair on this particular power supply for $50 plus the cost of return shipping and handling. Click here to see our mail in repair service page.

Repair Kit:We also have a repair kit for the power supply available for $35.00 which the parts necessary for this repair and includes USPS priority shipping within the contiguous United States. Click here to visit our repair kits page and purchase this kit.

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