Saturday, March 5, 2011

Typical electrolytic capacitor ESR values

This is a chart showing typical ESR values for good electrolytic capacitors. A faulty capacitor can often have a value that is 10X the value stated on this chart before it starts to cause problems in most circuits, of course this is not always the case and not for all of the capacitance values listed. This is the same ESR chart found on the original Dick Smith ESR meter and the also EVB ESR meter.

Click here to download the ESR chart.

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  1. Thanks for sharing,This is a very important tool for any electronics technician.Capacitors(mostly electrolytic) are very often the cause of failure with many devices, the blue esr meter is a handy and affordable tester, I recommend the Blue ESR meter as it is very accurate, easy to use, affordable,and looks cool.