Tuesday, July 13, 2010

FPD2275W , turns on with black screen, repaired.

A Gateway FPD2275W was dropped of at the shop with the complaint of no video just a black screen, started out with the video going dim until eventually the monitor turned on with the black screen only. Immediately I suspect the PSU or inverter board. After opening the monitor which is usually the most difficult part of repairing LCD monitors, I could immediately see a puffed and vented electrolytic capacitor with a value of 1000uF @25 volts, location C862 on the voltage supply line to the inverter circuitry. I checked the rest of the capacitors on the PSU/Inverter board with an ESR meter and they were all well within tolerance. I did find some questionable solder connections while looking over the board with my optic visors and re-soldered them. After replacing the capacitor and reassembling the monitor, it worked great once again.

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  1. How did you open the monitor...?, I can't figure out how... I had the same problem with my monitor...

  2. you have to use a flat edge to pop the tabs around the edge of the bezel, it is not easy to do without breaking it. Be careful when taking it off as well not to snap the cable to the keyboard off and break its cable connector on the keyboard PCB.

  3. I had the same problem, the monitor would power up and not acknowledge any input devices then go on sleep. The only tricky part was getting the outside front cover on the monitor to pop off, then it was just unscrewing things until I found the capacitor in the picture. Sure enough, it was blown just like on the blog here. I went to a local electronics store, bought the capacitor for $1.50, then got with a friend who had a soldering iron, removed the old capacitor, soldered in the new one, plugged everything together and it worked like a charm. Thanks for the tip!

  4. Grigs,

    You are right the most difficult part is opening the monitor. Glad we could help and don't hesitate to email me john@preher-tech.com with any electronics related questions in the future. Take care.

  5. Hi, I found and replaced the capacitor just as shown, however i have a single thin flat cable the comes out of the hole the speaker is connected to and I can't seem to find where it reconnects. Any ideas?

    1. That goes to power/menu button board on front bezel.

  6. Hi guys I was wondering if anyone has a picture of the back of the screen with all the circuit boards still intact. I was able to remove the power supply board that need new caps but forgot how the four molex plug with pink/white and black/green plugs in on the side..On the circuit board it is marked ch1 ch2 ch3 ch4. Any help is greatly appreciated