Friday, February 12, 2010

Samsung Syncmaster 906BW, LS19MEWSFY/XAA, Repaired

Samsung Syncmaster 906BW, LS19MEWSFY/XAA LCD monitor came into the shop today with no picture(really it was that the back lights were not lighting). Upon opening the monitor and removing the SMPS/Inverter PCB, I noticed 2 puffed and vented electrolytic capacitors right away. I checked all the rest of the electrolytic capacitors in the SMPS with my ESR meter to make sure no others were bad and they all were within tolerance for both ESR and capacitance. I scanned the SMPS for bad solder connections and found none. Next I removed the 2 1000uF @10V electrolytic capacitors that were puffed at locations C109 and C110 and replaced them with 2 1000uF @25V electrolytic capacitors with a 125 degree Celsius temperature rating(not necessary to go up in temp. and voltage rating this much or at all but don't use anything less than the originals). After reassembling the monitor and turning the monitor on, it worked like new.

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  1. thank you so much for this post! i found one of these on the curb tonight. opened it up and i saw 3 caps that look bloated. just ordered 3 and maybe i'll have a working monitor by the end of the week!

  2. You are welcome friend and if you need more help email me,

  3. Hi, i really wish i was local, i swear i would bring this by your shop for repair. i found one of these as well, i am a little afraid to open it out of fear of shock. it was left in the rain, and then the sun for a long time in my neighbhors yard. i decided to pick it up... i am afraid of the lamp and mercury but i have a SAMSUNG SYNCMASTER 906BW and i really really want to open it and also check the same thing... the previous owner told me that it was showing a black screen, similar to your post. i would be very very grateful for some advice.

  4. I hope you're still checking comments here. I have the exact same problem, same monitor, same two capacitors bulging (one worse than the other). My local radio shack has 1000uF 35v in stock. Would those hurt anything knowing the originals are 1000uF 10v? Thanks!

    1. I used the 1000uF 35V and the monitor worked fine for 2.5 years. Recent bad power spikes took it (and 2 expensive UPS') out again. Going to RS now to get some more and fix it again.