Monday, February 24, 2014

Sony BRAVIA KDL-55EX500, no power, APS-256(CH) power supply repair


Failure symptom: No power

Upon diagnosis of the power supply I found that  power MOSFETs Q6304 and Q6305 were shorted between source and drain and fusible resistor R6350 was open. Power MOSFETs Q6304 and Q6305 were 2SK4096 , 8 amp, 500 volt, N channel MOSFETs and were replaced with substitutes, FQPF9N50CF 9 amp, 500 volt MOSFETs. Resistor R6350 was a 1/2 watt 0.47 ohm fusible resistor.

After replacing the faulty components and installing the power supply the TV turned on and was completely functional.

 KDL-55EX500, APS-256(CH) Professional Repair:
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  1. sony KLV-55ex500 lcd, as power on then sony logo come and led tv full off with no lights

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  3. same problem sir nasim..i have sony kdl-32ex600 its power on and sony logo appear and shutdown..