Saturday, February 23, 2013

LCD Monitor Repair Case Histories Volume 2

"10 True Repair Case Histories of LCD Monitors Volume 2" is the latest repair guide from Jestine Yong. As usual Jestine does a wonderful job of walking the reader through common faults with LCD monitors, familiarizing you with common circuits and components while guiding you to a successful repair. From the case histories presented in this book you will easily acquire the necessary knowledge to repair common faults in many different brands of LCD monitors.

Included in this guide:

1. No Display in Acer AL1717A LCD Monitor

2.  No Power and Power Blink in Benq 19” G900WD LCD Monitor

3.  Display Shutdown In Few Seconds In Samsung 740N 17” LCD Monitor (Backlight Modification Tip)

4.  No Power in BenQ G900WD 19” LCD Monitor

5. Display Shutdown in Few Seconds in Samsung 22” 2233SW LCD Monitor

6.  No Power in E177FPb 17” LCD Monitor

7. No Power in HP 19" HP L1908W LCD Monitor

8.  Dim Display and Intermittent Can’t Power On In Samsung 732N 17” LCD Monitor

9.  Display Shutdown After Few Seconds in Samsung 19” LCD Monitor 931BW (Another different backlight modification tip)

10.  Reddish Colour in Samsung 943NWX Soft Touch Control 19” LCD Monitor

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