Friday, January 25, 2013

LCD TV Repair Tips V2.0

A Collection of LCD Television Repair Tips V2.0 is the title for the latest repair guide from Kent Liew.
This e-book contains information on the following types of failures:

No Power, Dead 
No Display with blue or green color LED light lit
No Display but Back light working and sound OK 
No Display on TV mode but working on AV mode
No Display with red or orange color LED light flashing
No Start up or Slow start-up, Stuck in Standby Mode 
Display Shutdown after a while
Display Distortion
Double Images on screen
Negative Picture on Screen 
Solarisation Image 
Hum, Buzz or Hissing Noise inside the LCD TV 
Sound / Audio Problem 
Erratic Functions or Intermittent Problem 
Display Darkness, Backlight Failure or Inverter Problem 
Display Colour Problem 
Horizontal or Vertical Lines & Bars in the screen 
Login Service Mode 
Solve LCD TV Under Protection Mode
EEPROM dumps corrupt symtoms, Firmware Issues

Product Details:
E-book Format: PDF file
Pages: 67 pages + 38 pages (Bonuses)
Language: English
Bonus: Included Email Support & 3 Bonuses of LCD TV Repair Case Histories!
Compatible with: PC, Laptop & MAC Computer

Price: $13.95 USD

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