Sunday, July 24, 2011

Viewsonic VX910 no power, repaired

Recently did a repair on a Viewsonic VX910 that had no power, no standby LED, totally dead. Upon opening the monitor I could see that someone had already replaced all the electrolytic capacitors in the output filter circuitry, but for this type of failure I normally don't suspect the filter capacitors anyways. I plugged the monitor in to check for any output voltages from the PSU and I could here a faint chirping coming from the power supply, this is always a good indication of a shorted output diode or faulty components in the feedback circuitry, the power supply is continually trying to start up and then shutting down,over and over. As I suspected there was no output from the power supply. I pulled the power supply and the first thing I checked was the dual schotttky diode D660 and one of the diodes in the dual package was shorted. The original diode was a MBR10100CT dual schottky diode, I replaced it with a B20100G dual schottky diode. After replacing the dual diode the monitor powered on and worked once again.

Professional Repair: If you are interested in having your power supply board repaired professionally then you may be interested in our mail in repair services. We can do the repair on this particular power supply for $50 plus the cost of return shipping and handling. Click here to see our mail in repair service page. You can also email for more information.

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  2. I have the same problem with my monitor. Where do I buy that diode? thanks.

  3. good job & thanks 4 makn good use of ur brain