Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Randy Fromm's Electronics Repair Guides

Here is a great website to purchase some really good electronics repair guides by Randy Fromm,

Randy Fromm's Arcade School offers a wide range of video training programs, from beginning electronics to advanced microprocessor repair.

Here is a list if some of the available programs:

-Randy Fromm's Big Blue Book of Really Great Technical Information
-Randy Fromm's Big Green Book of Monitor Schematics
-All-You-Need Beginning Electronics for Operators and Mechanics
-Basic Videogame Troubleshooting
-Diodes, Transistors & Other Semiconductors
-Switching Regulator Power Supplies (Peter Chou type)
-Conventional Power Supplies
-Videogame Monitor Repair Made Simple
-Using a Digital Multimeter
-Using an Oscilloscope
-Introduction to Digital Electronics
-Troubleshooting Microprocessor Based Systems

Click here for more information and to visit the sales page.


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