Monday, November 8, 2010

Electronics Certification

If you are interested in getting certified in the field of electronics these are a couple of my suggested places to get certified and in my opinion are far more current than other certification institutes like the ISCET for instance which is extremely outdated.

Expert Rating-
ExpertRating believes in delivering cutting edge competency evaluation and skills training services based on scientific testing and training methodologies through a quality driven approach. ExpertRating strives to continually improve and upgrade its services by adopting the latest technologies and methodologies in the development and delivery of testing and training services. Expert Rating has highly recognized electronics certifications. The test fees are extremely reasonable, but you must retest every year.

Click here to see all the electronics certificates that Expert Rating has to offer.

CETG(Consumer Electronics Technicians Group)-
The CETG is a group of technicians and electronics service professionals that have come together to help set a standard for knowledge and skill levels that need to be met by today's cosumer electronics repair men and women. We provide certification for both students and profesional technicians. Our certification let's employers and or customers know that you have completed the necessary steps to becoming a serious , knowledgeable technician that has an extensive undertanding of electronics and the skills to complete any electronics repair job properly and safely.

The CETG offfers three levels of certification:



Master Technician

Upon certification you will recieve a certificate and wallet card valid for five years.

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