Sunday, May 2, 2010

My favorite electronics books

I wanted to share this containing some of my favorite electronics books with my blog readers. I think by reading these books you will acquire quite a well rounded knowledge of electronics, electronics repair and electronics design. I have personally read all of these books and also use some of them as the course text for the electronics repair certification program I developed, theCETG.

The Art of Electronics Second Edition. By Paul Horowitz and Winfield Hill.

Teach Yourself Electricity and Electronics, Fourth Edition. By: Stan Gibilisco

Digital Electronics Demystified. By: Myke Predko

Electronic and Electrical Servicing, Second Edition: Consumer and Commercial Electronics. By Ian Sinclair and John Dunton

Electronic and Electrical Servicing - Level 3, Second Edition: Consumer and Commercial Electronics. By: Ian Sinlair and John Dunton

Troubleshooting and Repairing Switch Mode Power Supplies. By: Jestine Yong Testing

Electronic Components. By: Jestine Yong

LCD Monitor Repair. By: Jestine Yong

How To Find Burnt Resistor Value. By: Jestine Yong

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