Saturday, May 8, 2010

ESR micro v4.0

My good friend Mike Klykov from Radio Devices in Russia has released a new version of his ESR micro, the ESR micro v4.0. I will be recieving one soon for myself and will definately do a review.

If you want to go to the sales page click here.

If you want to read the users guide click here.

If you own an ESR micro v4.0 please leave a comment on the device and how it has worked for you.


  1. Looking at getting one of these.
    Does any one no if they sell in the UK.
    There seems a good write up on but the guy doesnt respond to comments

  2. No, you need to order from Mike in Russia at and there is one distributor in the USA at, let me know if you need more assistance

  3. So many of these esr meters to choose from.
    I did my research on google and found a great review on

    Ordered mine and that mike chap in russia is certainly great to deal with.
    Just one point of warning which i think should be better shown - You must discharge any capacitor you test otherwise you will damage this great meter.

    btw - Great blog

    R Fox - UK

  4. R Fox,

    Glad you enjoy the blog and thank you for reading. Mike is a good friend of mine and he really is a great guy. Glad you are enjoying his wonderful ESR meter, I know I love mine and you are correct capacitors need to be discharged before testing as to not damage the great tool especially the reservoir capacitors found in the primary side of switching power converters as these are typically 250V-400V and will destroy the meter if they have a charge and can also hurt the technician. Take care and remember you can email me anytime

  5. Hi
    I purchased one of these sometime ago and agree that mike has truely invented a great device for the toolkit.
    I did do a review and hope Preher-Tech doen't mind me leaving the links below. My review is based on my personel experience on this great meter which i highly recommend for those people looking for a great budget capacitor test meter.
    You can read my review on

    I can truely say for the price this little device is a must for the electronic hobbyist.

    Finally - John Preher - It will be good when you get time to do a review on this meter. This is a great meter with not so many reviews on the net.

    Kind Regards
    Punj advanced technology web site

  6. Hi, could someone tell if this is still valid and this tool could be a good choice in 2014 ? Thanks