Friday, February 5, 2010

Another Sceptre X32GV-Komodo, Repaired

Sceptre X32GV-Komodo


TV will play fine for maybe a day or two and then turning on one time it will display video poorly, picture has artifacts, a couple flickering areas of pixels and intermittent horizontal line/lines for a couple minutes to a half hour then TV will turn off with no standby/power light and can not be turned on until unplugging and the plugging back in. TV may work again for a day or two before it repeats the failure.


Replaced bad electrolytic capacitors, 1uF(didn't record voltage), 470uF 10V and 220uF 35V on SMPS board. Locations C202, CS124, CS118 and CS206.

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  1. I repaired one today replacing the exact same components.