Monday, July 13, 2009

Schematic And Parts List(astable DJ)

Here is the Schematic and the parts list for the "Astable DJ" circuit featured on our project page recently.Visit the project page by clicking the photo below.

Parts List:

R1,R2 = 330 Ohm resistor
VR1,VR2 = 22k Ohm variable resistor
D1 = red 3mm LED
D2 = green 3mm LED
D3 = P6KE24A
C1,C2 = 10uF @ 16 volts capacitor
Q1 = D600K NPN
Q2 = C3228 NPN
SW1 = any SPST switch

Please note, these are just parts I pulled off an old board to put this circuit together.The components I used are definitely not the only or best choices, please play around with the parts you have laying around and see what works best.

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