Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Beware B.I.C. (blue star international components)

Beware of blue star international components, I have used them in the past with no problems, but I usually don't because they are over priced. This time I made an order because my normal distributor did not have the part I needed in stock and I needed it fast. Well guess what? These guys sent me a used refurbished convergence IC, it looked like it was pulled from a junk pile!!! it had rust on the back even!!! And guess what, it didn't work, I had to order another one from some where else to fix this customers set, and refund the customer the express shipping on that used part.I have emailed blue star international components asking them how they will resolve this and why they would send me this horrible used part when I was purchasing a new one, they have failed to respond and chose to ignore me. Oh well my business will never use this horrible company again, and I urge any of you that use this company to be aware they are using bad and illegal business practices. Be careful of anywhere you buy parts and stick with your trusted distributors.

Don't use these guys they do bad business, BEWARE!!!!

(Edit 7/30/09)
Well I have to say that although I have never received a response from Bluestar , I did notice today that they refunded me the money for the IC, when checking my bank account. I'm glad they refunded my money but it really does not excuse selling that "rebuilt" STK393-110.

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