Wednesday, June 17, 2009

New Testing Devices

I am receiving a new ESR meter and a ring tester from a friend of mine in Russia, Mike.The ESR micro v3.1 and the FBtest both are from his company "Radio Devices".After I get them and use them I will post a review.I am very excited to test try the ESR microv3.1, it has a nice range for testing capacitance.I have another capacitance meter for testing anything under 1uF(the low end of the esrmicro), but my problem with that meter was that I can only check up to 200uF at it's high end, with the ESR micro v3.1 I can test up to 60,000 uF!!It is also very compact Compared to my other ESR meter or Capacitance meter.I am also excited to try the FBtest and compare it with my other ring tester that I currently use.I will let you all know more once I test these units out for myself.

Thanks again to "Radio Devices" ,you are awesome Mike, please check them out for more info by clicking here.Click on the photos below for more info on the individual devices.

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