Saturday, June 13, 2009

The ESR Meter

This is a very important tool for any electronics technician.Capacitors(mostly electrolytic) are very often the cause of failure with many devices, these capacitors may seem fine when checked with the capacitance setting of your DMM or when checking them with the ohm settings of an analog meter, but These meters will not tell you the ESR or "Equivalent Series Resistance" of the capacitors being tested.The ESR may have become very high even though the capacitance checks within tolerance on a capacitance meter and the capacitor seems to charge and discharge fine with the analog meter, as a matter of fact this is very common.That is why the ESR meter is a necesary tool, not to say the DMM and analog meter don't have there advantages too, they are also necesary.You will need them to test for shorted capacitors(an ESR meter would see this as a good capacitor), to make sure the capacitor charges and discharges properly and to check a whole array of other components, a good tech has all the meters and tools of his trade to make him proficient in his job.Now lets take some time to discuss what ESR actually is.

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